Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick update on the adventure:

Here are some bits from what she emailed me recently. "Its been a long week haha ive had ear infections which have been real painful and thats fun. other than that its all the same. just working all the time. but we had 4 investigators come to church which is a miracle to be honest it was awesome. really one of the greatest feelings ever to see when they gospel is having an effect on these peoples lives." AND "umm as for me. my clothes get stolen all the time. ha guys yell at me all the time. people are so stiffneckedand the work is really hard. but im realizing how ridiculously important the gospel really is in our lives. i finished the book of mormon for the first time last month ( i know, bad me...) but i cant believe how it is exactly for today. read it :]" She also says that she is forgetting English haha. OH and then she always says something in a different language and I have no idea what it means, I am just going to assume it's something endearing towards me ha :) 

Here are some more pictures from her grand adventure: 

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