Sunday, March 24, 2013

MTC: pre-adventure adventure Part 2

I am currently stalking Brittni's companion on facebook (as suggested by Brittni) Brittni, however, is getting ready to leave the country TOMORROW (3-25-13). Brittni sent my a whole big update on her adventure thus far. Not EVERYTHING will be posted but I will post the gems from the updates. Read up (:

Day 2 (2-14-13)
It is absolutely amazing how strong the spirit is, especially with all of the new missionaries that entered yesterday. 750! That is astounding! I am so insanely and immensely grateful to be apart of such an incredible work.

Day 8 (2-20-13)
(after a little rough day) I got a letter from Mugga today! Also from Emma Mae! Loved em both! So that was great always love letters! -(Alex side note: WRITE HER!)- Miss em lots!

Day 11 (2-23-13)
I love the Mtc. The Tagloa is really cool. The sentence structure is pretty much identical to the way yoda talks, which is super! My district is pretty awesome, love all of them!

Day 12 (2-24-13)
I love sundays here at the MTC. They are always very spiritual and I feel close to the spirit. I always get some sort of inspiration of revelation  In relief Society we teached a Mormon Message called Sanctify Yourself. It has part of a talk by Jeffry R. Holland. Therefor you already know it's amazing! I felt the spirit so strongly. I love the men of this church who are worthy to hold the priesthood and read to act when it is needed. I truly look up to them and am very grateful for them and the blessings they are for me.

Day 13 (2-25-13)
Todays blessings: I got my hair curled today!

Day 15 (2-27-13)
It has been a bit of a roller coaster of ups and downs. We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Marlyn. That was a definite highlight. We relied on the lord and he pulled through for us. I know this is hiw workr and he will help us if we ask in faith. My testimony of faith in God has grown today.

Day 16 (2-28-13)
My and my compainion always keep an eye out for the elders in nice tailored/skinny suits ha. It is entertaining and always attractive. I saw Caralee today! That was fun! Matt Richards and Brad Nelson come in about 2 weeks! Quin Miles is also here. Fun Stuff. (:

Day 17 (3-1-13)
Me and my companion get along really well. She is funny and sarcastic. Down to earth and chill. Very outgoing. All the boys flock to her. She knows how to bring the spirit. She is VERY good teaching in tagalong. I love her to death!

Day 18 (3-2-13)
Still liking the MTC a lot. I really want to grow to know the scriptures better. I love reading them but I just want to be able to know them better. I am trying to finish the BOM by next week which is a long shot. But I would rather have a far goal and not make it compared to an easy goal and make it. I love the spirit. I love the lord. I love my Heavenly Father. I am grateful to be a missionary! I love it! I also got a letter from Trek today (:

Day 29 (3-13-13)
What a day. What a day. I am just drained. All that fun stuff. I am frustrated with teaching and the language. I need to buck up and stop getting discouraged  It's absolutely not from Heavenly Father. NO MORE DISCOURAGEMENT! :) :)

                                               Sister Burt and Elder Brad Nelson

 "We decided we needed Wendys"

Tomorrow she ventures to the Philippines!

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