Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MTC: pre-adventure adventure

Hello all! I am Alex, Sister Burts childhood best friend/partner in crime and Brittni has asked that I keep you informed/entertained/updated! So here I am doing just that! We're going to follow Miss Brittni and her adventure of being a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Philippines! I'll work on getting the blog all cutesy, but in the meanwhile enjoy the update on bin! If you ever have any questions or something to add to the blog please do not hesitate to contact me. alexhasathought@live.com


First off, want to write Brittni? Of course you do! Here you go. This should help. 

 Sister Brittni Burt 
Philippines Olongapo Mission
Km. 140 National Highway
Mangan-Vaca, Subic
2209 Zambales

Secondly, Ladies and gents, words from the lovely Brittni Burt from week 1: 

Hey everyone! i love the mtc! lots. its super great. we have language classes for seven
hours every day. its pretty brutal. but super awesome as well. my
companion is super awesome! sarcastic. funny. just like me. we get
along really well. send me mail!! it would help lots. when i got sick on
sunday night it was all of a sudden out of nowhere. it sucked. after
dinner is when i got sick and right after that we went to a devotional
and it just got worse. elder volpe (he is in my district and one of my
favorite elders here) offered to give me a blessing. we left the auditorium
and he gave me a blessing. it was one of the most spiritual experiences
that i have ever had. he blessed that i would get better, which i did. he
also answered SO many prayers that i have asked. it was truly amazing
he talked so specifically to me that i know it was right from God. i am so
grateful for elder volpe's relationship that he has with god in order to be
able to follow everything that he was prompted to say for that blessing.
it was a huge testimony builder and it was amazing.

3-19-13 Great week! We got our travel plans last Thursday!! We will be heading to L.A. California Monday night around 8 pm. then we will head to China around 11. Then we will go to Philippines! Crazy!! I cant believe it! Im super excited though! It will be a super long  flight but no worries [: Hopefully it will all go well! Leaving the country for the first time!! I sit next to the only other ranga in the class. We're pretty much best friends. Its great. Elder Volpe. Cool dude. Of course he is, he is a ranga. 

Thirdy, PICTURES (If you want to see them larger, click on them) 

On the way to the MTC! (Alex side note: I am really glad I convinced her to buy that shirt)

Skittles game: 

 (Dear Brittni, you are gross. Also I am not turning the picture. Use your head. Love Alex) 

 Flooded bathroom! 


That is all for now ladies and gentleman. Brittni is soon to venture the Philippines. Write her letters, send your love. (: 

P.S. This blog and the post will get advance in cuteness... just wait for it. 

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